Jet Ski Thrill

Our water-sports center provides thrilling “JET SKI RIDES” near Mumbai city. Jet-skiing is one of the most exhilarating water sport activities around Mumbai. Our jet ski trips are run on high powered Yamaha & See- Do jet skis.


SINGLE RIDER ‘YOU + our guide

                  Rs 300/- per person (one long ride)







—————- Rs 250/- per person (one long ride)

SHARED RIDER JETSKI + a friend + our guide

SHARED RIDER JETSKI + a friend + our guide





Jetski adventure Mumbai

Jetski adventures near Mumbai

15 minutes Charter Rs 2,000/-

30 minutes Charter Rs 3,500/-

60 minutes Charter Rs 6,000/-

Adventure near Mumbai & Pune city

Jetski near Alibaug, Mumbai & Pune city

 Hop onto one of our jet ski and let our trained guides take control while you sit back and take in the speed & power of jet-skiing. If you want to have a try ask our guide and he can give you the throttle under supervision.

What is a Jet-Ski or PWC?

A jet ski is a PWC or Personal Water Craft that is a streamlined boat with a carrying capacity of 1 to 3 passengers. The Water Craft is propelled by water suction & propulsion from a jet nozzle at the rear. Jet skis are great fun & extremely popular as recreational vehicles, since there are no moving parts outside the vehicle (no propeller) Jet skis are very compact.

Jet-Ski in available in India?
There are a variety of Jet ski brands available in India but a lack of after sales service or maintenance facilities. The team at Adventure Mandwa works hard to create a system for preventative maintenance for Jet skis across the entire country. With the increasing demand in Jetskis & other PWC there is a necessity for developing a network of distributors, dealors & maintenance centers in India to cater to the demands of our Watersports Industry in India.
Places to participate in Jet Ski Adventure in India:
There are many water sports centers in India, Adventure Mandwa is one of the first Watersports centers in India to host a variety of activities & operate on an international level. Jetski water sports centers near Mumbai are located at Mandwa beach, Alibag beach & Kihim beach. Mandwa beach is the closest & most luxurious beach to Mumbai city & can be reached by a speedboat in ten minutes or a 45 minute air-conditioned ferry ride from the Gateway of India, Colaba, Mumbai. In other regions there are water sports centers in the states of Goa, Kerala & Karnataka.

Safety First!

Life-jackets must be worn by all participants in any activity before entering the water

Safe distance must be maintained from all moving objects

If you wear prescription glasses do secure it with a safety cord or lanyard

Use plenty sunscreen & cover up to avoid sunburn

Drink water to keep yourself hydrated

Common sense is a very important asset during any sporting activity